Anaesthetic : Lecture Performace

Lecture Performance
Vidisha Saini with Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi

7:00 PM, 12th September, 2015
1 After 320, Exhibit 320, New Delhi

Anæsthesia is to make a person unconscious and relieve them of pain. Being “cheated out of experience” has become our general state of everyday. The eyes see too much and register nothing. Synæsthesia is the process that extends the impression stimulated in one sensory part to the others in the body leading to an experience. In the situation of “crisis in perception,” it is no longer a question of educating the crude ear to hear music, but of giving it back hearing. The simultaneity of overstimulation and numbness is characteristic of the new synaesthetic organization as Anæsthetics.

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