Dissent Library Conversation with Thomas Keenan

May 20, 5:15 PM – 06:30 PM, CCS Bard Library and Archives, 33 Garden Rd, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY 12504, USA

In 1985, a forensic investigation into the unearthed body remains of Josef Mengele (a former Nazi War Criminal who was still at large) was conducted in Brazil. The process of identifying the bones in question and the procedures followed by the experts led to the advent of a new forensic approach to understanding war crimes and crimes against humanity.’

Departing from this case-study surrounding the Mengele’s Skull, Thomas Keenan will lead a discussion on the recently developed field of counter-forensics that sees forensic science as a political practice to ‘detect, represent, and confront abuses of power by states and corporations in situations that have a bearing upon political struggle, violent conflict, and climate change.’

*This conversation is presented as part of Dissent Library at CCS Bard Library as an accompanying program to Missing Hue of the Rainbow exhibition.