Drill by Hito Steyerl at Park Avenue Armory, New York

June 20 – July 24, 2019

Berlin-based artist Hito Steyerl utilized both the Wade Thompson Drill Hall and historic interiors of the Park Avenue Armory building in mounting both pre-existing works as well as new projects commissioned by the Armory in her ongoing illumination of the world’s power structures, inequalities, obscurities, and delights. When viewed collectively, this material allows the viewer to zoom in on and out from some of the most complex and pressing issues of our time. The exhibition is curated by Tom Eccles.

Contribution: Project Researcher and Coordinator for ‘Free Plots’ installation premiered as part of Drill exhibition. 

Hito Steyerl, Installation view of Drill at Park Avenue Armory. Free Plots, 2019. Wooden planters in freeport shapes, grow lights, compost, plants, audio (12 min. 14 sec.). Photo courtesy of James Ewing.