In the Presence of Others opens at Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi

Featuring Artists: The Propeller Group – Okin Collective – Desire Machine Collective – Chim ↑ Pom

Curated by – Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi

In the Presence of Others brings together artist collectives and groups from Seoul, Guwahati, Tokyo and Ho Chi Minh City to host a conversation around ideas produced among multiple presences. It is premised on the understanding that collective practices of contemporary art engage with the world differently, because they generate argumentative potentials beyond the limitations of individual authorship.

The performative operations of Okin Collective, the alternative philosophies of Desire Machine Collective, the historically anchored and conceptually dynamic work by The Propeller Group and the activist engagements of Chim↑Pom will orchestrate this exhibition into a multi-sensory experience.

With video and sound installations, photographs and textual provocations, the exhibition will assemble in Delhi a new set of artistic and conceptual cadences that are involved in the active process of world-making. Their horizons move beyond the locations they belong to, activating a range of imaginaries along the way.

Apart from its physical envisioning in space, the exhibition also includes a special online component hosted in collaboration with SURFATIAL (an internet based collective) who are interested in the idea of conversation as a form in online spaces. Members of SURFATIAL along with the participating artists of this exhibition will host a series of online events titled Who’s Not There? expanding on the dynamic of presences and absences in collective spaces.