The Third Meaning: Giuseppe Stampone and Sarnath Banerjee – Exhibition

Co-curated with Eugenio Viola

21 January to 20 February, 2016

On the invitation of Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi this exhibition emerged as a conversation among the both of us to stage a dialogue between an artist from Italy and an artist from India. After a series of discussions, we have decided to bring together

in conversation the artistic practice and research of Giuseppe Stampone and Sarnath Banerjee. Our choice was driven by the way both Stampone and Banerjee fundamentally deal with the questions of the political in art culminating the materiality of drawing with pedagogy, satire and humour. Addressing the world in both real and fictional terms, they archive and produce temporary experiences and architectures that gradually unfold into a wider narrative.

For this exhibition, Stampone constructed a Delhi iteration of Architecture of Intelligence, an ongoing assemblage of archival and personal references interlaced in this case with reflections on living by the Italian artist, Stefano Arienti. Banerjee’s recent graphic novel, All Quiet in Vikaspuri, is unbound here in to a series of drawings and sequences which narrate the tale of an industrial plumber Girish, the search for the mythical river called Sarasvati and the fictitious yet-so- real Water Wars of Delhi.

The title of the show The Third Meaning, is inspired from a formulation by Banerjee, explicating it as a collaboration of textual and the visual imaginaries that generate a different layer of meaning as a consequence. This framing spoke to the process of what we were imagining for the exhibition, building immediate affiliations with the artistic process of Stampone. The site of this endeavour
is conceptualised as a twofold dialogue between the artists and curators, foreseeing the viewers to generate in conversation what we call The Third Meaning.

Eugenio Viola | Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi

The Third Meaning : Giuseppe Stampone and Sarnath Banerjee publication can be downloaded for here The Third Meaning_Catalog_interactive

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